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Volume 78 Issue 2

Table of Contents 


Touchy Subjects: Perception, Affect, and Self in Contact Zones- Tyson Lewis and Caitlin Murphy Brust

Presidential Address: 

Living the Dream of Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Philosophy of Education - Ronald David Glass

To Live in the Wake, to Wade in the Water, to Sleep (and Wake) with Anger: A Response to Ronald David Glass - Kal Alston

Touch Points: Educative Experiences in Multispecies Contact Zones - Jessica Lussier and Claudia W. Ruitenberg

Multispecies Contact Zones at the End of the Anthropocene - AG Rud

Beauty as Fairness: Toward an Ecoaesthetic Education - Annie Schultz

Imperfectly Beautiful Gifts: Response to Beauty as Fairness - Stephanie Burdick-Shepherd

Setting Students’ Hearts On Flame: How a Humanizing Higher Education Rooted in the Humanities Can Be Beneficial for Justice-Involved People - Dale Brown

How Does Education Benefit Incarcerated People? - Randall Curren

A Corporeal Civics Education - Samantha Deane

Waves - Polina Kukar

Two Loves Diverge: Education and A Love that Does Not Expel - Addyson Frattura

A Freedom That is Close to Love - Megan Jane Laverty

The Authenticity and Adaptivity of Liberal Democracy - Steven Zhao

Inner Truth: Essential but Insufficient - Robert Kunzman

Facts are Meaningless Unless You Care: Media Literacy Education on Conspiracy Theories - Yuya Takeda

Matters of Fact and Concern: Conspiracy Theories and Media Literacy Education - Caitlin Murphy Brust

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