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Journal Overview



Philosophy of Education was previously published as the Philosophy of Education Yearbook and before that as the Proceedings of the Philosophy of Education Society.  Our title has changed to keep up with changing conventions in academic publication.  In its past iterations, submissions were double-anonymously peer-reviewed, by multiple reviewers, and fewer than half of submissions were generally accepted for publication.  In recent decades, however, “yearbooks” have proliferated and represent a different kind of scholarship, with “yearbook” articles generally implying different objectives and standards from “journal” articles.  A similar shift in the meaning of “proceedings” led to the change in title to “yearbook” several decades ago.  Thus, because our Proceedings and Yearbook were akin, in submission, editing, and publication process, to a contemporary peer-reviewed journal, in 2020 we decided to update our title to indicate the kind of academic work Philosophy of Education publishes. We begin this new title with Volume 76 to indicate the continuous, and long-standing, history of this publication. Throughout the publication’s history, which begins with the foundation of the Philosophy of Education Society in 1941, the published articles have been anonymously peer-reviewed.  In the past 10 years, submissions have been accepted at a rate of 20-40%.

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