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Volume 73

Philosophy of Education 2017




Editorial Committee







Making Sense of Humanity in a Posthumanist Age

Ann Chinnery


Presidential Essay


Pulled Up Short: Exposing White Privilege

Deborah Kerdeman


From Being “Pulled up Short” to Being “Woke”: The Praxis of Critical Consciousness

Ronald David Glass


Teaching as a Hermeneutic Calling

Chris Higgins



Distinguished Invited Essay


Historical Understanding and “The Blemish of Extraordinary Moral Legacies”

Georgia Warnke


Philosophy and Its Discontents or How Strange Fruit Became Familiar

Kal Alston





Featured Essays


 Raising a Human: An Arendtian Inquiry into Child-rearing in a Technological Era

Stephanie Mackler


Arendtian Inquiry, Philosophical Method and Parental Responsibility

Natasha Levinson


Educating Cyborgs

Ben Kotzee


 Cyborgs Forever

Alexander M. Sidorkin


Gabriel Marcel and the Possibility of Non-anthropocentric Hope in Environmental Education

Oded Zipory


Can Marcel’s hope in mystery really get us to a non-anthropocentric relation to non-human nature in environmental education?

Clarence W. Joldersma





Radical Discussions: Agonistic Democratic Education

David I. Backer


Radical Discussions/Radical Subjectivities

Sarah J. DesRoches


Ethical Scholarship and Information Overload: On the Virtue of Slowing Down

Kathy Hytten


Enjoying the Wood Paths

Cristina Cammarano


 Representation and the Pedagogical Reduction of the World

David Lewin


The Resonance of Picasso’s Guitar

Eduardo Duarte


Between Games and Play: John Dewey and the Child-Centered Pedagogues

Aaron Schutz


Opposing Dualism and Remembering Responsibility

Eric Bredo


A Modest Proposal to Address Burden Shifting in Public Schools

Suzanne Rosenblith


Legal and Moral Analyses of Educator’s Obligations

Winston C. Thompson


Capability and the Obligation of Effective Power: The Global Promotion of Democratic Education for All

Tony DeCesare


On Capability and the Obligation of Effective Power

J. C. Blokhuis


Queer Replication: Viral Gifts in the 21st Century

Adam J. Greteman


“και ίάσασθαι τήν φύσιν τήν άνθρωπίνην”[and curing human nature]: Feminist Countergifts to Bareback and the  Critique of Education as Prophylaxis

Zelia Gregoriou


Fabricating The Posthuman Child In Early Childhood Education and Care

Therese Lindgren & Magdalena Sjöstrand Öhrfelt


Why Posthumanism Now?

Amy Shuffelton


Initiating Children in Language and World: Learning from Dogtooth

Stefan Ramaekers & Naomi Hodgson


On Pinning Down a Wor(l)d

Lauren Bialystok


The Cheerful Robots of Academia: Intellectual Craftsmanship and the Neoliberal University

J. Todd Ormsbee


The Corporate University Killed the Intellectual Craft

Deron Boyles


Rethinking Vulnerability in the Age of Anthropocene

Huey-li Li


Education for Digital Citizenship

Dan Mamlok and Kathleen Knight Abowitz


Capital vs Technology: Are We Shaped by the Device or the Debate?

Trevor Norris


R.S. Peters and Posthumanist Ecological Identity

James R. Bigari


Becoming an Ecological Self through Contemplative Ways

Heesoon Bai


Cultivating Childhood Friendships as an Educative Aim: Virginia Woolf’s Non-Humanist, Humanist Challenge to Philosophers of Education

Stephanie A. Burdick-Shepherd


Taking on Woolf’s Non-Humanist, Humanist Challenge

Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon


The Unexpected Alignment of Progressive Ideals and the Commercialization of Education in Entrepreneurial Learning

Johan Dahlbeck & Peter Lilja


Entrepreneurial Education and Economic Progress

Rebecca M. Taylor


 Education for Civil Society

Hugh Sockett


Civil Society and the Priority of Educational Aims

Randall Curren


Excellent Sheep or Wild Ducks? Reclaiming the Humanities for Beautiful Knowledge

Naoko Saito


Beyond Beautiful Knowledge: Reclaiming the Humanities for the Humanity to Come

Marina Schwimmer


Trolling Toward the Human: Cyber Artifacts, Social Justice, and a Queering of Intercorporeality

Matthew Thomas-Reid


Starve a Troll: Teaching and Learning in Contexts of Anti-pedagogical Provocation

Cris Mayo


To Be at Home: Including Each Human in the Classroom

Cara Furman


The Power of Home, and the Home of Power

Ashley Taylor


Lyotard and the Sublime Unconscious of Education: Communicative Capitalism and Aesthetics

Derek R. Ford & Tyson E. Lewis


Beyond the Sublime, Back to Responsiveness

Paul Smeyers

Holding the Pieces: Pedagogy Beyond Disruptive Environmental Education

David Chang


Deep Ecology and Disruptive Environmental Education

Bradley Rowe


 Barefoot in the Kitchen: New Materialism, Education, and Reproductive Labor

Claudia W. Ruitenberg


Starving to Death: Reproductive Labor as Ecological-Political Learning

Susan Laird


Precarious Meritocracy: On the Affective Structure of Merit in Education

Liz Jackson & Charles Bingham


A Meditation on Merit

Barbara S. Stengel


Modern Science, Philosophical Naturalism, and a De-Trivializing of Human Nature

Koichiro Misawa


 Human Nature and Second Nature

Tone Kvernbekk


Freedom & Flourishing in a Posthumanist Age: More-Than-Human Being in Revolt

Sean Blenkinsop, Marcus Morse & Michael De Danann Datura


The “Discourse of Invasive Species”: Another Consideration for the Rebel Teacher

Heather Greenhalgh-Spencer


Learning from Our Enemies: Human Nature, Democratic Conflict, and the Risks of Dialogue

Rachel Wahl


Bridging Divides or Deepening Them? Dialogue under Conditions of Social Injustice

Barbara Applebaum


Reconciliatory Empathy Amidst Wild Emotions: Gandhian Nonviolence and Dewey’s Conception of Growth

Peter Nelsen


 Reconciliatory Empathy and Tiffany Trump in My Classroom

Susan Verducci


Telepresence and the Posthuman: Pedagogical Tact and the Limits of Representability

Norm Friesen


With Humanism Like This, Who Needs Posthumanism?

Samuel D. Rocha

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