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Volume 64 - 2008


Perennial Questions for the Present Age - Ronald David Glass


Teaching with Integrity - Michael S. Katz

Response: I Am the Master of My Fate, or Am I? - Nel Noddings

Response: The Meaning of Integrity: A Hermeneutic Reflection - Deborah Kerdeman


Democracy and Education - Richard J. Bernstein

Response: Democratic Commitment - Emily Robertson

Response: John Dewey: A Missing Link - Walter Feinberg


Premodern Postures for a Postmodern Ethics: On Resistant Texts and Moral Education - Ann Chinnery

Response: The Belated Time of Reading, or Inconsolable Ethics - Sharon Todd

The Unbelievable Truth and the Dilemmas of Ignorance - Jennifer Logue

Response: Toward a Pedagogy for Embracing Ambiguity - Huey-li Li


Willing Compliance - Charles Howell

Response: Compliance Without Paternalism - Alexander M. Sidorkin

Social Experiment Wolves in Social Justice Sheepskins: Defanging Inquisitional Variants of Whiteness Theory via Critical Realism - Steven Mather

Response: Straw (Wo)men and Whiteness: On Having the Humility to Avoid the First and Face the Second - Barbara S. Stengel

Adam Smith and the Stages of Moral Development - Daniel R. DeNicola

Response: Kantian Elements in Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments - Walter C. Okshevsky

Reservations About White Privilege Analysis - Lawrence Blum

Response: Reservation Blues: Ethics and the Privilege of Being Responsibly White - Matthew Jackson

The Bonds of Learning: Dialogue and the Question of Human Solidarity - Megan Laverty

Response: People Will Talk - Suzanne Rice

Disestablishment as Legal Paideia: Assessing Michael McConnell's Educational and Religious Pluralism - Erik Owens

Response: Unmasking Michael McConnell's School Privatization Scheme - Suzanne Rosenblith

Performing Philosophy of Education "Whitely": Reliable Narration as Racialized Practice - Helen Marie Anderson

Response: Thoughts About the Absence of Africana Philosophy in Philosophy of Education - Stephen Nathan Haymes

Turnings: Toward an Agonistic Progressivism - Chris Higgins

Response: Agonistic Progressivism: Best-Self Progressivism in a New Guise? - Rita Manning

Toward a New "Logic" of Emancipation: Foucault and Ranciere - Gert Biesta

Response: "New" Emancipation, Education, and the Differences That Make a Difference - Cathrine Ryther

The Public Discourse of the Unlimited Communication Community: Joining in on a "Rescuing Critique" of R.S. Peters's Ethics and Education - Christopher Martin

Response: No Remedy for Cultural Conflict: The Inability of Discourse Ethics to Resolve Substantive Moral Disagreement - Daniel Vokey

There Are No Sheep in Post-Structuralism - Audrey Thompson

Response: Discounting Sheep: Authority, Arrogance, and Particularity in Whiteness Discourse - Maureen Ford

Education Viewed Through a Cosmopolitan Prism - David T. Hansen

Response: Cosmopolitan Education - Leonard J. Waks

The Social Nature of Epistemically Normative Deliberation - Sheron Andrea Fraser-Burgess

Response: Reasons and Groups - Tone Kvernbekk

Citizenship Education and the Philosophy of Affirmation: A Study in the Formation of a Liberal Identity - Ryan Bevan

Response: Challenging Affirmation - Susan Verducci

Being in on the Joke: Pedagogy, Race, Humor - Cris Mayo

Response: Black Like Me: The End of Reciprocity? - Kal Alston

"The Tears That a Civil Servant Cannot See" - Rethinking Civic Virtue in Democratic Education: A Levinasian Perspective - Trent Davis

Response: Ethics, Justice, Prophecy: Cultivating Civic Virtue from a Levinasian Perspective - Clarence W. Joldersma

A Situated Philosophy of Education - Nicholas C. Burbules, Kathleen Knight Abowitz

Response: The Non-Normative Voice of "Situated Philosophy" - David Diener

The Superstition of Necessity - Ray McDermott

Response: On the Superstition of Learning - James M. Giarelli

White Privilege/White Complicity: Connecting "Benefiting From" to "Contributing To" - Barbara Applebaum

Response: Reevaluating White Privileged Ignorance and Its Implications for Antiracist Education - Liz Jackson

Drawing on Derrida: Aesthetic Practice as a Displacement of Learning - Margaret E. Manson

Response: The Hors d'oeuvre in a Teacher Education Course - Claudia Ruitenberg

Can (and Should) Educational Research Be Value-Neutral? - Jonathan R. Dolle

Response: The Normative Nature of Education Research - Emery J. Hyslop-Margison

Response: Can (and Should) Jon Dolle Resist Being Drawn to the Dark Side of the Force? - D.C. Phillips

Education for Critical Democracy and Compassionate Globalization - Kathy Hytten

Response: Motivating Citizens to Choose Otherwise - Amy Shuffelton

Equal Opportunity and Outcomes Assessment - Randall Curren

Response: On Student Evaluation - Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon

Citizenship and Domination: The Relationship Between Sophie and Emile - Lyndsay Spear

Response: To Form a More Perfect Union: Citizenship and the Marriage of Sophie and Emile - Doris A. Santoro

Kant, the Nomad, and the Publicity of Thinking: Finding a Cure for Socrates' Narration Sickness - Eduardo M. Duarte

Response: Indigenous Philosophical Conceptions of Pluralizing the Self - Troy Richardson

The Mined Mind: Domination, Desire, and Melancholy in The Corn is Green - James Stillwaggon, David Jelinek

Response: Rethinking Melancholia - Jessica Lee Hochman

Disability Consciousness: A Prolegomenon - Michael Surbaugh

Response: More Than a Logical Point: From Consciousness to Responsiveness - Paul Smeyers

In Praise of Parens Patriae - Jason Blokhuis

Response: In Defense of Real Choices? Faith and Autonomy in the Liberal Polity - Lawrence Quill

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