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Volume 60 - 2004


Introduction - Chris Higgins


Perfection and Equality: The Liberal Educator's Dilemma - Francis Schrag

Response: Making Distinctions: The Liberal Educator's Secret  - Natasha Levinson


The Professoriate and the Truth - John Kekes

Response: The Professoriate and the Truth: Getting the Shoe on the Right Foot - Kenneth R. Howe


Check Your Language! Political Correctness, Censorship, and Performativity in Education - Claudia Ruitenberg

Response: The Limits of Philosophy in an Epoch of Censure - Megan Boler

Race, Virtue, and Moral Education - Lawrence Blum

Response: The Virtues of Avoiding the Danger of Whitewashing - Dwight Boyd

Overcoming a Crucial Objection to State Support for Religious Schooling - Frances Kroeker

Response: Funding Religious Schools - Harry Brighouse


Martin Buber's "Education": Imitating God, the Developmental Relationalist - Sean Blenkinsop

Response: "Martin Buber" Meets Martin Buber - Alexander Sidorkin

Indoctrination Revisited: In Search of a New Source of Teachers' Moral Authority - Duck-Joo Kwak

Response: Indoctrination Reloaded: Authenticity and Moral Authority in Teaching - Daniel Vokey

Fifty Years of Equality? - Sarah M. McGough

Response: Assumptions at the Intersection of Philosophy and Policy - Heather Voke

Thinking of Civic Education in Korea: The Opposite Spillover Problem of Liberalism - Eunsook Hong

A Response to Eunsook Hong - Scott Johnston

Platonic Cosmology: A Terrestrial Pedagogy - Huey-li Li

Response: Choosing Our Cosmology for the Sacred Earth: Plato's Two Worlds Revisited - Heesoon Bai

Method's Web: Gadamer's Corrective and Educational Policy - Linda O'Neill

Response: Extending Gadamer's Corrective: No Child Left Behind and Hermeneutic Conversation - Deborah Kerdeman

Proletariat Labor or Praxis? Philosophy of Education in a Neo-Liberal Order - Emery J. Hyslop-Margison

The Disciplined Schooling of the Free Spirit: Educational Theory in Nietzsche's Middle Period - Avi Mintz

A Response to Avi Mintz - Leslie Sassone

On the Epistemic Grounds of Moral Discourse and Moral Education: An Examination of Jurgen Habermas's "Discourse Ethics" - Walter Okshevsky

Response: Discourse Ethics and Moral Education - Wendy Kohli

Can Democracy Work If It Relies on People Like Us? - John F. Covaleskie

Response: The Founders, Democracy, and the Paradox of Education in a Republic - Timothy L Simpson

Reconciling Feminist and Socio-political Grounds of Classroom Authority - Randall Curren

Response: Some Dilemmas of Teacher Authority - Nicholas C. Burbules

Theorizing Courage as Requisite for Moral Education - Justen Infinito

Response: Theorizing a Pedagogy of Ontological Courage: Be Not Afraid! - Kevin Gary

Rescuing Two Positivist "Babies" from the Educational Bathwater - Michael R. Matthews

The Pluralist Predicament - Suzanne Rosenblith

Response: Truth, Faith, and Tolerance - Jeffrey Ayala Milligan

Pragmatic Intersubjectivity, or, Just Using Teachers - Charles Bingham

Response: What's the Use of a Teacher? - Sharon Todd

Private Donations to Public Schools: Testing the Scope of Community - Ranjana Reddy

Response: Give and Take: Parental Donations, Schools, and Community - Carrie Winstanley

Educational Research and the Interests of the State: The Divisive Case of Generalizability - Bryan R. Warnick

Response: Habermas, Generalization, and State Interests in Scientific Educational Research - Clarence W. Joldersma

Searching for an Educational Response to Nihilism in Our Time: An Examination of Keiji Nishitani's Philosophy of Emptiness - Yoshiko Nakama

Response: Nihilistic Education and the Three P'angs - Ann Diller

Learning to Live Well: Re-exploring the Connections Between Philosophy and Education - Stephanie Mackler

Response: Soul Sickness and Salvation - Al Neiman

Certain Privilege: Rethinking White Agency - Cris Mayo

Response: Vigilant Uncertainty, Discomfort, and White Complicity: Who Are Your Students? - Barbara Applebaum

Is Liberal Education Illiberal? Political Liberalism and Liberal Education - Kenneth A. Strike

Response: Liberal Education through Thick and Thin - Ben Endres

Response: Is Liberalism Liberally Educative? - Rene V. Arcilla

Considering the Standpoints of Differently Situated Others: Teachers and Arrogant Perception - Maureen Ford

Response: Risking Wonder and World-Traveling - Hilary E. Davis

On Taking a Pragmatic Attitude Toward Truth - Chris Hanks

Response: Probing Pragmatism: Rorty, Reforms, and Responsibility - Jon A. Levisohn

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "Ethic of Love": Virtues Common and Rare - Suzanne Rice

Response: Martin Luther King, Jr., Moral Contexts, and Moral Education - Kurt Stemhagen

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