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Volume 72 - 2016 


Philosophy of Education and Philosophizing about Education in the Gap Between Past and Future - Natasha Levinson

Presidential Essay

The Importance of Understanding Discourse in Social Justice Education: The Truth and Nothing But the Truth? - Barbara Applebaum

The Role of Truth in Social Justice Education … and Elsewhere - Nicholas C. Burbules

Distinguished Invited Essay

What Would it Mean to Decolonize Pedagogy?: Enrique Dussel’s Pedagogics of Liberation - Linda Martin Alcoff

On Madness, Prophecy, and Outlaw Praxis: Thinking from Exile - Eduardo Duarte


Polanyi and the Secular Age: The Promise of Broudy’s “Allusionary Store" - Jon M. Fennell

Broken Threads, Interpretive Frames, and Conceptions of the Educated Person - Chris Higgins

Remembering, Forgetting, and Learning Amidst a Time of Extraordinary Rendition: The Guantánamo Camp as a Museum of Forgetting - Mario Di Paolantonio

Exploring Strategies of Forgetting and Ignorance in Social Justice Education: Can We Forget What We Don’t Know? - Jennifer Logue

Reconsidering the “Ped” in Pedagogy: A Walking Education - LeAnn M. Holland

A Walking Education: Taking it Further - Heather Greenhalgh-Spencer



Being in the Gap Between Past and Future: Hannah Arendt and Torah Lishmah - Gad Marcus

When the Effect Validates the Cause: Studying as an End in Itself in Arendt and Torah Lishmah - Stephanie Mackler

Authoring Teacher Authority in the Lives of Children: The Case of M. Lazhar - Aparna Mishra Tarc

Authority on the Dark Continent of Childhood - Kip Kline

Prefacing as Educating: Building Educational Utopias and Barber’s Strong Democracy - Samantha Deane

Rediscovering the Educating Forest Through the Prefacing Trees: Drawing Lessons from Barber’s Strong Democracy - Tony DeCesare

Fulfilling the Rousseauian Fantasy: Video Games and Well-Regulated Freedom - Gideon Dishon

Video Games: Rousseauvian Dream or Skinnerian Nightmare? - David Waddington

Bring the State Back into Focus: Civic Society, the State, and Education - Quentin Wheeler-Bell

The State and Civil Society in Rejuvenating Public Schools - Sarah Stitzlein

Lost in Translation: Wittgenstein, Training, Education, and Abrichtung - Norm Friesen

I Am in Training: Wittgenstein on Language Acquisition - Megan Laverty

Null and Nuller? Laughing About Injustice, from Jon Stewart to John Oliver - Liz Jackson

Jokes That Bern: One, and That’s Not Funny - Cris Mayo

Towards Deep Liberation: A Gadamerian Correction to Critical Pedagogy - Seamus Mulryan

On Not Being Arrested as a Wizard - Charles Bingham

(Mis)Understanding the Student Experience - Amanda Fulford

Understanding Student Experience - Deborah Kerdeman

Green’s Predicting Thirty-Five Years On - Randall Curren

There’s More to Education Than Equality of Opportunity - Alexander Sidorkin

Dialectics of Education: Adorno on the Possibility of Bildung in Consumer Society - Douglas Yacek

Adorno, (Non-)Dialectical Thought, (Post-)Autonomy, and the Question of Bildung - Gregory N. Bourassa

Educational Transformation and the Force of Film: Viewing Michael Haneke’s The Seventh Continent - Stefan Ramaekers, Naomi Hodgson

Invitations to Island and Riverside, Not Continent: Gleams of Happiness for a Domephobic Family - Kanako Ide

Between the Teacher’s Past and the Student’s Future: A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Pedagogical Presence - Trent Davis

Loosening Psychoanalysis and Being Present Towards an Unknown Future - Sean Blenkinsop

Discerning a Temporal Philosophy of Education: Understanding the Gap Between Past and Future Through Augustine, Heidegger, and Huebner - Yu-Ling Lee

Planning for Spontaneity or Preparing for Kairos in the Classroom - Kevin Gary

Surprise in the Fostering of Rationality - Kunimasa Sato

Surprise, Learning, and Schefflerian Rationality - Katariina Holma

The Concept of Authority and the Swedish Educational Crisis - Johan Dahlbeck, Peter Lilja

Crisis Management: Hannah Arendt and the Rehabilitation of Teacher Authority - Dini Metro-Roland

“One Day is a Whole World”: On the Role of the Present in Education Between Plan and Play - Oded Zipory

Time, Progress, and the Rise of Reason - Denise Egea

“My Momma Wouldn’t Give Me to the Count of Three”: A Sociological Response to Philosophical Critiques of the No-Excuses Approach to Schooling - Amy J. Shelton

Momma Said [Education’ll] Knock You Out - Kal Alston

The Philosophical and Educational Big Bang: An Aristophanic-Deweyan Archaeology - Stefano Oliverio

What Shall We Do with the Children? - Gert Biesta

The Intellectual Goals of Character Education - Ben Kotzee

The Conceptual and Practical Role of Intellectual Virtues in Moral Education - Rebecca Taylor

Tradition, Authority, and Education: Insights from Gadamer and Giussani - Brett Bertucio

Against a Disguised Defence of Religious Initiation - John Tillson

Philosophy For Policy Makers? A Critique and a Proposal - Francis Schrag

What is Policy to the Philosopher? - Winston C. Thompson

Pedagogy of Time and a Decolonial “Present” - Nassim Noroozi

“My man Friday”: Economizing Encirclement, the Other Phantasm, Derrida’s Debt - Zelia Gregoriou

Even Philosophers of Education Get the Blues: A “Relevancy Dilemma” in the Gap Between Past and Future - David E. Meens

Philosophers Are the Only Academics Who Get the Blues (or Need to) - Kurt Stemhagen


Tolerance Meets the Intolerable: Bounded Tolerance and a Pedagogy of Welcome - John Covaleskie

Actions, Consequences, and Community Boundaries - Ann Chinnery

Receiving Students and Patients: Professional Education and the Double Challenge of Hospitality - Claudia W. Ruitenberg


Is Professional Education a “Double Challenge?” - Christopher Martin

The Use and Abuse of the History of Educational Philosophy - Avi I. Mintz

Beyond Saints and Canons - Eric Bredo

The Janus Face of Autism: As the “Between” in Arendt’s Conception of Thinking - Glenn M. Hudak

Thinking about Autism and Education - Kevin McDonough

Time, Thinking, and the Experience of Philosophy in School - Walter Omar Kohan

Time and Sensibility: Beyond Thinking as Cognition - Guoping Zhao

Thinking in the Gap: Hannah Arendt and the Prospects for a Postsecular Philosophy of Education - David J. Wolken

Deliberative Religiosity: Practicing a Postsecular Philosophy of Education - David Lewin

Political Theology and Teacher Authority: A Trinitarian Alternative? - Samuel D. Rocha

Public Thinking in the Gap Between Past and Future: Fieldwork as Philosophy - Rachel Wahl

Philosophy of Education: What’s It Good For? - Paula McAvoy

Putting the World in Peril: A Deweyan Aesthetic of Crisis in Social Justice Education - Peter J. Nelsen

From Aesthetic Crisis to Consummation in Social Justice Education - Jane Blanken-Webb

Remembering Otherwise: History and Citizenship Education of Shared Fates - Sarah J. DesRoches

Bridging Unjust Divides: Revisiting Education for Shared Fate Citizenship - Sigal Ben-Porath

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