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Submission Guidelines

Philosophy of Education accepts submissions from several different avenues. Papers that are first submitted and presented at the Philosophy of Education Society as conference papers are double-anonymously peer-reviewed in their entirety and revised before being published in the journal. Response essays are invited by the Editor, from scholars with relevant expertise. Authors whose work appears in other formats at the Philosophy of Education Society’s annual meeting (e.g. panels, book discussions) are invited to contact the volume editor about the possibility of anonymous peer-review and publication. We welcome additional submissions with the understanding that these will be double-anonymously peer reviewed as part of the publication pathway.


All articles published in Philosophy of Education should be original texts that have not been published (and are not being considered for publication) elsewhere. Articles in the journal are checked for plagiarism. All articles submitted for publication should include scholarship that follows accepted professional ethical standards.


For additional information, please contact the Editors: Dr Liz Jackson ( or Dr. Heather Greenhalgh-Spencer ( )

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