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Volume 78 Issue 4


Reimagining Communities in Contact Zones -Tyson Lewis and Adi Burton 

Author Meets Critics Symposium: On Liking the Other: Queer Subjects and Religious Discourses

Exploring the Nexus of Queer and Religious - Barbara S. Stengel

The Challenges of Liking in Pedagogical Relations - Ann Chinnery

Reducing the Tension Between Queer Identity and Religious Discourses by Expanding the Idea of Religious Love: An Example - Clarence W. Joldersma

Authors Meet Critics - Adam J. Greteman and Kevin J. Burke

Humility in Community: Uncertainty and Solidarity in Transgender Theory - Cris Mayo

Humility Versus the Desire to Throw Hands Up or Slam Fists Down - Liz Jackson

Exploring Student Teachers’ “Stuckness”: Assembling an Alternative to the Logic of Representation in Teacher Education - Erica Colmenares

Making a Shift from Problems to Possibilities through a Posthumanist Concept of Assemblage - EunKyoung Chung

Introduction to Gwen Bradford’s Achievement: Commentaries and Reply - Vikramaditya (Vik) Joshi

On the Value of Achievement in Education - Kirsten Welch

Experimenting with Effort in Educational Experiences: Reflections on Gwen Bradford’s Structure of Achievement - Vikramaditya (Vik) Joshi

Achievement and Education: Reply to Commentaries - Gwen Bradford

Author Meets Critics Symposium: Integrations: The Struggle for Racial Equality and Civic Renewal in Public Education

School Integration and Equity in an Era of Divisive Concepts Legislation - Sarah M. Stitzlein

Resolving the American Dilemma of Racial Inequity in Education that Legal Desegregation Failed to Solve - Sheron Fraser-Burgess

Before and After School Integrations: Education as a Practice of Freedom - Ronald David Glass

Integration, Equality, and the Backlash Against Racial Justice Education: Comments on Stitzlein, Glass, and Fraser-Burgess - Lawrence Blum

The Happy Marriage of Afro-Pessimism and U.S. Universities: Eurocentrism, Anti-Communism, and an Educational Recipe for Defeat - Derek R. Ford and Nino Brown

Caste and the Eternal Recurrence of the Orthodox Marxist Debate in Educational Theory - Clayton Pierce

The University as a Site of Struggle, or Raging Against the Dying of the “Light” - Sheeva Sabati and Jason Wozniak

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