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Volume 58 - 2002


Introduction: Philosophy of Education 2002 - Scott Fletcher


Taking Responsibility - Barbara Houston

Response: Glass Snakes vs. Groupals: Who is the Responsible Subject? - Dwight Boyd

Response: Taking One's Place in a Moral Universe - Heesoon Bai


Expecting Common Decency - Cheshire Calhoun

Response: "Sly Decency" - Cris Mayo

What if Teaching Went Wild? - Anthony Weston

Response: Reconnecting Body and Mind with Earth - Dilafruz Williams


Critical Pedagogy and Liberal Education: Reconciling Tradition, Critique, and Democracy - Benjamin Endres

Response: The Outcomes from Engaging Liberal Education and Critical Inquiry: Matrimony, Divorce, or Kissing Cousins? - Landon E. Beyer

Befriending Girls as an Educational Life-Practice - Susan Laird

Response: On Befriending and Educating - Ann Diller

Qallunology: A Pedagogy for the Oppressor - Derek Rasmussen

Response: Geographies of Difference and the Crisis of Knowledge - Pramod Parajuli


Solidarity and Risk in Welch's Feminist Ethics - Michael G. Gunzenhauser

Response: Re-Thinking Resistance: On Welch and Foucault - Susan Birden

Thinking What We Cannot See: Performance, Education, and the Value of the Invisible - Stephanie Mackler, Doris Santoro

Response: In Education, Excess Without Remorse - Charles Bingham

Religion and Public Education: Rival Liberal Conceptions - Suzanne Rosenblith

Response: The Very (Bad) Idea of Public Reason - Al Neiman

From Alterity to Hybridity: A Query of Double Consciousness - Huey-li Li

Response: Doubled Double Consciousness or Troubled Double Consciousness - Maureen Ford

Race, Pedagogy, and Paulo Freire - Stephen Nathan Haymes

Response: A Rawlsian Response to Racism - Victor L. Worsfold

Character Development in Career Education: A Virtue Ethics Approach - Emery J. Hyslop-Margison

Response: On Character Development, Career Education, and MacIntyre's Ethics of Virtue - Daniel Vokey

The Production of the (Post)Military/Industrial Subject (Self) - Cliff Falk

Response: Effecting "V" - Eduardo Duarte

Facts and Norms in Policy Scholarship - Francis Schrag

Response: Avoiding the Rocks Between the Scylla of Normative Commitments and the Charybdis of Dubious Facts - Michael S. Katz

"But Some People Will Not": Arendtian Interventions in Education - Natasha Levinson

Response: Stories vs. Practices: Education for Political Action - Aaron Schutz

A Lower Wall Between Church and State: Vouchers or Charter Schools? - Stacy Smith

Response: School Choice Down in the Cave - Kenneth R. Howe

Seeking Fragility's Presence: The Power of Aesthetic Play in Teaching and Learning - Margaret Macintyre Latta

Response: The Power of the Fragile - John F. Covaleskie

Montaigne and the Values in Educating Judgment - David T. Hansen

Response: Good Judgment and Moral Outrage - Kathy Hytten

Wittgenstein, the Practice of Ethics, and Moral Education - Nicholas C. Burbules, Paul Smeyers

Response: On Wittgenstein, the Practice of Ethics, and Moral Education - James M. Giarelli

Dilemmas of Deliberative Civic Education - Meira Levinson

Response: Education for Critical Citizenship - Tapio Puolimatka

Dewey's Contribution to an American Hubris: Philosophy of Democracy, Education, and War - Lynda Stone

Response: Recovery, Reconstruction, and Self-Renewal - Jim Garrison

Education qua Enlightenment: On the Rationality of the Principle of Reason - Stella Gaon

Response: Acknowledging Incompleteness - Robert E. Floden

Teaching and the Dynamics of Recognition - Chris Higgins

Response: Gifts of Teaching - Naoko Saito

Misleading the Students: Conceptual Difficulties in Woolfolk's Account of Motivation - Frederick S. Ellett, Jr., David P. Ericson

Response: Mistaking the Text: A Missed Opportunity for Dialogue - Lucille L.T. Eckrich

Durkheim's Naturalistic Moral Education: Pluralism, Social Change, and Autonomy - David N. Boote

Response: Finding a Role for Durkheim in Contemporary Moral Theory - Craig A. Cunningham

The New Digital Cartesianism: Bodies and Spaces in Online Education - Megan Boler

Response: A New Discourse for a New Method: "The New Digital Cartesianism" - Denise Egea-Kuehne

A More Luminous Life: An Attempt at a Religiously Informed Pragmatism - C. Joseph Meinhart

Response: On the Dangers of Putting New Wine into Old Bottles  - Christine McCarthy

Situated Moral Agency: Why It Matters? - Barbara Applebaum

Response: Education in Moral Perception - Suzanne Rice

Desperately Seeking Evelyn, or, Alternatively, Exploring Pedagogies of the Personal in Alfred North Whitehead and Feminist Theory - Kathryn Pauly Morgan

Response: Why Whitehead? Toward a Pedagogy of the Truly Personal - Barbara S. Stengel

Promoting a Primary Good in Schools: An Aristotelian Defense of Bilingual Education - John E. Petrovic

Response: When Is Self-Respect Not Enough? - Kal Alston

The Existential Concept of Freedom for Maxine Greene: The Influence of Sartre and Merleau-Ponty on Greene's Educational Pedagogy - Shaireen Rasheed

Response: The Importance of Maxine Greene's Public Place "In Between" - Virginia Worley

Listening as Attending to the "Echo of the Otherwise": On Suffering, Justice, and Education - Sharon Todd

Response: Learning to Listen and Listening to Learn: The Significance of Listening to Histories of Trauma - Susan Huddleston Edgerton

Toward a Pedagogy of the Vague - Nakia S. Pope

Response: More Thoughts on a Pedagogy of the Vague - Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon

Hermeneutical Conversations in Public Schools: Responding to Religious Objections - Robert Kunzman

Response: Private Lives and Public Dialogue: Negotiating the Moral/Political Divide - Maureen Stout

Reflections on the Justice of the Present War and Some Implications for Education - Ronald David Glass

Response: On the Justice of the Present War: Some Implications for Education - Justen Infinito

Learning to Live with Art - Claudia Ruitenberg

Response: On the Possible Limits of Aesthetic Experience, Radical Otherness, and Radical Indeterminancy in Learning the Live with Art - David Granger

Stories about Stories about History: Hayden White, Historiography, and History Education - Jon A. Levisohn

Response: History, Metahistory, and Autology - Raf Vanderstraeten

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