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Volume 79 Issue 1

Table of Contents


Democratic Education in Undemocratic Times - Terri S. Wilson 

Presidential Address 

Democracy, Extremism, and the Crisis of Truth in Education - Michele S. Moses 

Education within a Damaged Democracy: A Few Diagnoses and Definitions - Winston C. Thompson

White Complicity and the “Inability to Dissent/Disagree” - Barbara Applebaum

Pedagogical Challenges of Addressing White Complicity - Shilpi Sinha

DEI and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy - Guoping Zhao

Notes on Current Anxieties - Kal Alston

A Few Things to Consider, While Trying to Promote Deliberative Democratic Discussions in Post-Truthful Educational Settings - Liat Ariel

Hope for Deliberative Democratic Education in a Post-Truth Society - Jarrod Hanson

Fifty Shades of Academic Freedom: Beyond a Binary View - Liz Jackson

Epistemically Unjust Environments as a Threat to Academic Freedom - Rebecca M. Taylor

Reflections on the Discourses of Inclusion: A Case Study of the Banality of Good - Mordechai Gordon and JT Torres

On Being “Good” and the White Center of Inclusion - Addyson Frattura

Meritocracy and Perfectionism: Toward a Liberal Education For Democracy - Naoko Saito

Perfectionism as Friendship, Democracy, Education - Derek Gottlieb

Civic Imagination and Cosmopolitanism - Alysha Banerji

Global Citizenship: Thick or Thin - Walter Feinberg

Beyond Merit-Blindness: On the Materiality of Merit - Charles Bingham

Of Myth, Merit, and Desert - Malerie Beth Barnes

A Gadamerian Defense of the Use of Transformative Humanities Literature in Higher Education - Dale Brown

Humanities Education and Gadamer: Three Clarifications - Deborah Kerdeman

Rethinking the Theoretical Underpinnings of Critical Service-Learning: Extending Freire via Bourdieu - Tafadzwa Tivaringe & Roudy Hildreth

Pursuing Civic Responsibility by Engaging Social Hierarchies in Critical Service-Learning - Kathleen M. Sellers

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