Volume 74

PES Yearbook 2018




i / Editorial Committee

ii / Table of Contents

x / Preface


xi / Editor’s Introduction


1 / Education as Destiny

René V. Arcilla


15 / Destiny and Self-Formation

Ann Chinnery

20 / Education as Destiny: A Reader’s Response

Jim Garrison

26 / Confounding Morality in Alfred Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt (1943)

Robert Pippin

57 / Professions of Ignorance from the Pentagon to the Couch

Chris Higgins

64 / The Monstrosity of Parental Involvement: Formation through Reading in Shelley and Rousseau

Amy Shuffelton

77 / On the Necessary Dangers of Reading with Daughters

Stephanie Burdick-Shepherd

82 / The Paranoid Mind and Transcendence

Alexander M. Sidorkin

98 / From Toxic Paranoia to Charity’s Metanoia

Kevin Gary


105 / Sparta, Athens, and the Surprising Roots of Common Schooling

Avi I. Mintz

117 / Education for War, What’s It Good For?

Samantha Deane

122 / Educating the Feminine Voice in Philosophy

Naoko Saito

136 / Beyond Binaries: Reflections on the “Feminine Voice”  in Philosophy and Feminism

Jennifer Logue


140 / Measurement in Education: Its Lure and Liabilities

Francis Schrag


153 / An Ethics of Teaching and Learning Mathematics

Grace A. Chen

166 / Mathematics Education, Ethics, and the Limitations of Ethno-Mathematics

Dan Mamlok

171 / Facing the Perfect Stranger: Disrupting a Mythology of Innocence in Education and Beyond

Adi Burton


185 / Awakening Perfect Strangers

Frank Margonis


190 / Listen! Micro-aggressions, Epistemic Injustice and Whose Minds are Being Coddled?

Barbara Applebaum

203 / Everybody’s Crying Mercy When They Don’t Know the Meaning of the Word

Kal Alston


210 / Juxtapositional Pedagogy and Tending to Loss in James Baldwin’s and Raoul Peck’s I Am Not Your Negro

Mario Di Paolantonio & Lara Okihiro


223 / On the Moral Registers of Bearing Witness

David T. Hansen


229 / Plato’s Theaetetus: Formation Over Forms?

Deron Boyles

242 / Are Plato’s Characters Caricatures?

Avi I. Mintz


246 / Pedagogical Maturity: The Ontology of Teaching and Being Taught

Glenn M. Hudak


259 / A Response to “Pedagogical Maturity” by Glenn M. Hudak

Duck-Joo Kwak


264 / Relational Goods and Educational Justice

Jenn Dum


277 / On the Challenges of Removing Race from Relational Philosophies of Education

Troy A. Richardson


283 / Competing Pretenses: Using Irony to Move Beyond Aporia

Karl Joyner


296 / Among All Socratics, Is there a Single Socrates? Irony, Aporia, and the Cultivation of Courage

Seamus Mulryan


301 / Embodying Tact in Teaching: Ineluctable Ambivalence, Sensitivity, and Reserve

Norm Friesen


310 / Can One Teach Tact?

Tyson Lewis


315 / Becoming Classy: In Search of Class Theory  in Philosophy of Education

Liz Jackson


329 /



333 / Is Deweyan Growth Egalitarian? Learning as Reciprocal Transparency

Nicolas Tanchuk


346 / Deweyan Growth, Egalitarianism, and Rawls: Connections and Clarifications

Winston C. Thompson


351 / Invitation to Virtue Epistemologists:  Epistemic Goal of Education Revisited

Ka Ya Lee


367 / An Epistemic Approach to Human Flourishing: What Should We Talk About When We Talk About the Epistemology of Education?

Saori Hori


371 / “Ser Mais”: The Personalism of Paulo Freire

Samuel D. Rocha


385 / On Translating Ser Mais in Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Tomas Rocha


391 / Can Education Be Rid of Clichés?

Oded Zipory


404 / Clichés and (Other) Crimes Against Humanity

Stephanie Mackler


409 / Depoliticizing Sex Education: Capitalism and the Limits of the Liberal Discourse on Sex Education

Caitlin Howlett & Quentin Wheeler-Bell


424 / Material Differences: Sexualities and Genders Beyond Class

Cris Mayo


429 / Stopping Time to Attend as a Care of the Teaching Self

Cara Furman


442 / Ethical Intersubjectivity as Ground for Teacher Self-care

Clarence W. Joldersma


446 / Monastic Asceticism as Formation for a Distracted, “Disciplinary” Age

Brett Bertucio


461 / On Desire, Discipline, and Becoming Human

Fernando M. Murillo


466 / Humans Raising Humans? Technology, Community, and the Depoliticization of Parents

Stefan Ramaekers & Naomi Hodgson



481 / Positional Goods and Social Benefits: A Plea for Altruism

Hugh Sockett


494 / A Fundamental Challenge?

John Fantuzzo


499 / Between the Letter and Spirit: Religion, Reduction, and Poetic Formation

David Lewin


512 / On the Question of Reduction in (Poetic) Language

Oded Zipory


517 / Tolerance and Free Speech in Education:  A Habermasian Perspective

Guoping Zhao & Benjamin J. Bindewald


531 / Balancing Goods, Intellectual Honesty, and Transcendent Principles

Rachel Wahl


536 /Those Who Can’t: Fantasy, Reality, and the Teacher’s Art

Charles Bingham


550 / Improvising on the Blue Guitar

Susan Verducci


556 / Democracy Beyond the Mirror: A Lacanian Perspective

K. Daniel Cho


570 / The Beauty of the Humanities: A Response to Daniel Cho’s “Democracy Beyond the Mirror: A Lacanian Perspective”

Rachel Longa


575 / Refusing the Test: Youth Activism and the Right to Opt Out of State Assessments

Terri S. Wilson


588 / Rights Talk, Redux

J.C. Blokhuis


593 / Bildung as Formation of Mindedness in Hegel’s Philosophy

Krassimir Stojanov


608 / On the Free Will that the Free Will Wills

Robbie McClintock


615 / Wrong Place, Wrong Time: The Ignorant Schoolmaster Comes to America

David I. Waddington


629 /Ignorance of Inequality: A Response to David Waddington

Jessica Davis

634 / Sweetness Follows: Notes on the Pedagogy of Critique in a Philosophy of Education Course

Cristina Cammarano

646 / Critique as Situated Practice: Implications for Pedagogy

Deborah Kerdeman


651 / Risky Receptivity in the Time of Trump: The Political Significance of Ethical Formation

Rachel Wahl


664 / Receptivity and Responsibility

Barbara S. Stengel


669 / Dewey, Aristotle, and Education as Completion

William B. Cochran


683 / What Has Athens To Do With Chicago?

Emily G. Wenneborg


688 / Prioritarian Educational Justice: An Ethical Problem for Charter Schools?

Kirsten Welch


700 / Resisting Deficit Ideology while Supporting High Commitment Charter Schools

Suzanne Rosenblith


705 / Social Media and Campus Community:  A Deweyan Consideration

Ana M. Martínez-Alemán


719 / The “Educative Potential” of 21st Century Technologies

Craig A. Cunningham

725 / Education as Formation: Bildung, Equality and the Book of Genesis

Gad Marcus


734 / The Humility of God, the Creator Who Educates

Samuel D. Rocha


739 / Achieving Maturity: Gadamer, Polanyi, and Coming to Age

Jon Fennell

752 / “An authority that is nameless”: Learned Prejudice and the Problem of Agency in Gadamer

James Stillwaggon