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Volume 52 - 1996


Introduction: Philosophical Pluralism: The Promise of Fragmentation - Frank Margonis


Beyond Moral Stories - Betty A. Sichel

Response: Moral Stories: How Much Can We Learn from Them and Is It Enough? - Michael S. Katz


When You Know It, and I Know It, What Is It We Know? Pragmatic Realism and the Epistemologically Absolute - Christine McCarthy

Response: Really Living in Space-time - Craig A. Cunningham

Theoretical and Practical Reasoning: An Intractable Dualism? - James E. McClellan, Jr.

Response: The Freedom of the Playpen - C.J.B. Macmillan

Voluntary Segregation: Gender and Race as Legitimate Grounds for Differential Treatment and Freedom of Association - Stacy Smith

Response: The Complex Ethics of Separate Schools - Kevin McDonough


Rationality and Redemption: Ideology, Indoctrination, and Learning Communities - H.A. Alexander

Response: Can Reasons for Rationality Be Redeemed? - Harvey Siegel

"But That Is Not What I Mean": Criticizing With Care and Respect - Barbara Applebaum

Response: Criticizing With Care and With Respect For What We Are All Up Against - Ann Diller

Education, Not Initiation - Gert Biesta

Response: Narrowing the Gap Between Difference and Identity - Frank Pignatelli

Sophistry, Dialectic, and Teacher Education: A Reinterpretation of Plato's Meno - Deron R. Boyles

Response: Sophistry and Wisdom in Plato's Meno - Terry Hall

Deconstructing "Difference" and the Difference This Makes to Education - Nicholas C. Burbules

Response: Humpty Dumpty: An Ovular Model of Resistance to Modernist Recidivism - Kathryn Pauly Morgan

Varieties of Incontinence: Towards an Aristotelian Approach to Moral Weakness in Moral Education - David Carr

Response: Akrasia: Irremediable but not Unapproachable - Victor L. Worsfold

Of Fractious Traditions and Family Resemblances in Philosophy of Education - Pradeep A. Dhillon

Response: Epistemological Reversals Between Chisholm and Lyotard - Michael G. Gunzenhauser

Neutrality in Education and Derrida's Call for "Double Duty" - Denise Egea-Kuehne

Response: The Double-Bind of "Double Duty" - Hilary E. Davis

Habermas and Critical Thinking - Ben Endres

Response: Decentering and Reasoning - Mark Weinstein

The Goals of Multicultural Education: A Critical Re-evaluation - Walter Feinberg

Response: Multiculturalism and a Politics of Persistence - Barbara Houston

Response: Taylor, Equality, and the Metaphysics of Persons - Kenneth A. Strike

Reading Phaedrus Like a Girl: Misfires and Rhizomes in Reading Performances - Zelia Gregoriou

Response: Concerning Zelia Gregoriou's "Reading Phaedrus Like a Girl" - Greg Whitlock

The Moral Presuppositions of Multicultural Education - Robert D. Heslep

Response: Tolerance and Intolerance: Gricean Intention and Doing Right by our Students - Paul A. Wagner

Justifying Music in General Education: Belief in Search of Reason - Estelle R. Jorgensen

Response: Can the Justification of Music Education be Justified? - Iris M. Yob

Beginning Again: Teaching, Natality and Social Transformation - Natasha Levinson

Response: Teaching In/For the Enunciative Present - Wendy Kohli

On the Nature of Environment Education: Anthropocentrism versus Non-Anthropocentrism: The Irrevelant Debate - Huey-li Li

Response: The Relevance of the Anthropocentric-Ecocentric Debate - Dale T. Snauwaert

Education in the Mode of Information: Some Philosophical Considerations - James D. Marshall

Response: Pixels, Decenteredness, Marketization, Totalism, and Ingmar Bergman's Cry For Help - Richard Brosio

Performance Anxiety: Sexuality and School Controversy - Cris Mayo

Response: Opening the Closet Door: Sexualities Education and "Active Ignorance" - Maureen Ford

Reconceiving the Foundations of Education: An Ecological Model - Paul Morgan

Response: Counter the Dangers of Education - Xiaodan Huang

Physical and Cultural Dimensions of Movement Related to Horizon - Jana Noel

Response: The Glass Bead Game - Alexander Sidorkin

Teacher Beliefs and Student Learning - Robert E. Orton

Response: Can Hypocrites Be Good Teachers? - Bruce B. Suttle

Democracy, Education and the Critical Citizen - Tapio Puolimatka

Response: Democracy and the Foundations of Morality - Randall R. Curren

The Paradoxes of Education in Rorty's Liberal Utopia - Rob Reich

Response: Utopia Flawed? A Response to Reich on Rorty - Shirley Pendlebury

Dewey's Conception of "Virtue" and its Educational Implications - Suzanne Rice

Response: Dewey on Virtue - Timothy H. Smith

Infinitely Interesting: Bloom, Kierkegaard, and the Educational Quest - Patricia Rohrer

Response: Education's Ills and the Vanity of the Philosopher - Paul Farber

Moral Dimensions of Classroom Discourse: A Deweyan Perspective - Fay Rosner

Response: Moral Reflection and Moral Education - John F. Covaleskie

Dewey's Idea of Sympathy and the Development of the Ethical Self: A Japanese Perspective - Naoko Saito

Response: Dewey Without Doing - Donald Arnstine

Good Sex as the Aim of Sexual Education - Jan Steutel, Ben Spiecker

Response: The Politics of the "Good" in Good Sexuality Education - Dwight Boyd, Alexander McKay

A Rhetorical Revolution for Philosophy of Education - Lynda Stone

Response: A Revolution By Any Other Name - Jaylynne N. Hutchinson

Political Pragmatism and Educational Inquiry - Audrey Thompson

Response: No More Method! A (Polemical) Response to Audrey Thompson - Alven M. Neiman

Moral Education and Inspiration Through Theatre - Timothy S. Valentine

Response: Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch? And Other Questions the Jesuits Left for Me - Kal Alston

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