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Volume 80 Issue 1

Table of Contents


Truth and the Post-Truth Infosphere - Amy B. Shuffelton 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.INTRO

Challenges for Philosophers of Education in a Post-Truth Infosphere - AG Rud

doi: 10.47925/80.1.001


Cautious Hope Regarding Information, Misinformation, and Disinformation - Sarah M. Stitzlein 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.015

Critical Media Literacy: Balancing Skepticism and Trust Toward Epistemic Authorities - Yuya Takeda 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.024

Connection, not correction, First: A Principle of Belonging in an Era of Conspiracy - Vikramaditya (Vik) Joshi

doi: 10.47925/80.1.040

Critical Race Robots: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Human-AI Interaction in Education - Noah Khan 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.045

MAGA Bot Versus the Critical Race Robot - Alexander M. Sidorkin 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.058

Education for Populism: Systemic Indoctrination and Closed-Mindedness - Fedor Korochkin 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.063

Characterizing and Countering Organized Social Indoctrination - Ron Aboodi 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.079

The Ballistics of Inquiry in a Post-Truth Age - Dave Beisecker 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.084

Peirce On Truth: To Deflate or Destroy? - Kenneth Driggers 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.098

Lines in the Sand: Originality and Cheating in the Age of ChatGPT - Lauren Bialystok 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.103

Blurred Lines: Originality and Authenticity - Aziz Alfailakawi 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.116

Political Alienation in Anti-Democratic Education - Polina Vasineva 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.120

I Am Matter, But I Do Not Matter: Alienation and Indoctrination - Liz Jackson 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.133

Processed Information: A Definition - Spencer J. Smith 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.138

How Information is Processed on Social Media: A Guide for Teachers and Learners - Kelvin Beckett 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.152

Facing Epistemic Uncertainty: A Response to The Philosophy Garden’s Pedagogical Approach to Conspiracy Theorizing - Ksenia Filatov and Michaila Peters 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.157

We Are All Conspiracy Theorists - Jessica Heybach 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.173

What To the Educational Researcher Is A Stylized Fact? - Derek Gottlieb and Jack Schneider 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.178

Cautiously Engaging Stylized Facts: A Critical Lens on Educational Research and Policy -  Filiz Oskay 

doi: 10.47925/80.1.192

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