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Volume 50 - 1994

Presidential Address

Discourse Ethics and Restructuring - Kenneth A. Strike

Constituting the Commons - Mary Anne Raywid 

Keynote Address 

From Identity Politics to Social Feminism: A Plea for the Nineties - Seyla Benhabib 

Education, Discourse, and the Construction of Identity - Nicholas C. Burbules 

In Defense of a Politics of Identity - Barbara Houston 

General Sessions 

Cognitivism, Situated Cognition, and Deweyian Pragmatism - Eric Bredo 

Bredo, Dewey, and the Pessimistic Method: A Response - D.C. Phillips 

Choosing to Believe in Modern Schools - C.J.B. Macmillan 

On the Illusion That We Can Choose to Believe - Thomas F. Green 

We Don't Have a Theory of Rationality, and We Never Will -- A Philosophically Pragmatic View - Christine McCarthy

What Pragmatism Demands: A Response to McCarthy - Mark Weinstein 

"Hate Speech" and the Need for Moral Standards in Communicative Interaction - Suzanne Rice 

Communicative Ethics and More - Ann Diller 

Concurrent Sessions 

First Concurrent Session

Discourses of In-Difference: A Case Study of Representations of Civic Membership - Claudia Weisburd

The Pluralistic Rhetoric of a Platonic Democracy - Edward G. Rozycki 

Truth, Beauty/Utility, and the Validity of Explicit Attempts to Link Theory and Practice in Education (Or, Is There Anything Good About Educational Research) - Robert E. Orton 

Don't Messick Around With Test Validity Until You Know What You're Doing - Paul A. Wagner

Thinking: Philosophical Roots of an Alternative Vision - Sophie Haroutunian-Gordon 

Traditions of "Thinking" - Luise Prior McCarty 

Second Concurrent Session 

Pleasure, Pain, and Ethical Responsibility: A Felt-Situated Reading of Menace II Society - Hilary E. Davis


White Girlz N the Hood - Audrey Thompson 


The Practice of Toleration and Education - Richard Pratte 


Toleration and Morality: A Reply to Pratte 


Non-Government Schools: Education for Democratic Citizenship - Joel Wysong 


Education for Liberal Democracy Through Thick and Thin: Response to Wysong - Clinton Collins 


Third Concurrent Session

Dewey, Discipline, and Democracy - John F. Covaleskie 


Revisiting Dewey's Concept of Discipline - Jeanne M. Connell 


"I'm Not Lying, This is Not a Pipe": Foucault and Magritte on the Art of Critical Pedagogy - James Palermo 


It Certainly Looks Like a Pipe: Foucault and the California Achievement Test - Murray Ross


The Risks of Empathy: Interrogating Multiculturalism's Gaze - Megan Boler


The Gaze of Multiculturalism - William L. Blizek 


Fourth Concurrent Session

The Identity of the Body - Gert Biesta 


Philosophers with Microscopes, Children with Kaleidoscopes, and the Nostalgia for the Fleshy Paraphram - Zelia Gregoriou 


Justice and the Threshold of Educational Equality - Randall R. Curren 


Non-Exclusion is not the Same as Inclusion: A Response to Curren - Kenneth R. Howe


Difference, Authority, and the Teacher-Student Relationship - Clive Beck 


Teacher Authority and Teaching for Liberation - Emily Robertson 


Fifth Concurrent Session
The Moral Task of Recognition: Finding the Self in a Modern World - Jaylynne N. Hutchinson 


Authentic Selves and Education - Paul Smeyers 


Sex, Sex Education, and the Paradoxes of Liberalism - Kathryn Pauly Morgan 


Normalization and Sex Texts for Children - Kal Alston 


Dewey as the Schoolmaster for Marx's Radical Democracy - Richard Brosio


John Dewey: Organic intellectual of the Middle Class? - Frank Margonis 


Sixth Concurrent Session

Socrates' Effect/Meno's Affect: Socratic Elenchus as Kathartic Therapy - Christoper R. Higgins


Platonic Dialogue and the Communicative Virtues: A Reconsideration - Deborah Kerdeman 


Philosophy of Technology and Education: An Invitation to Inquiry - David Blacker 


Exploring the Middle Ground: A Reply to Blacker - Mark Selman


The Struggle for Freedom in the Education of Free Persons - Frederick Marshall Schultz 


Three Questions of Freedom - James Garrison 


Seventh Concurrent Session

How can the Misanthrope Learn? Philosophy for Education - René Arcilla 


Philosophy, System, Wonder: A Response to René Arcilla - Alven Neiman 


On the Dissonance Between Liberalism and Tolerance - P. Lance Ternasky 


Liberalism and the Moral Life of Traditions: Death or Resurrection? - Mauren Stout 


Spiritual Education: A Public School Dialogue with Religious Interpretations - Iris Yob 


Religious Freedom for School Children? - Susan Laird 


Eighth Concurrent Session

Environmental Education: Rethinking Intergenerational Relationship - Huey-li Li


Education for Intergenerational Justice: Why Should We Care? - Daniel Vokey 


Democracy and Bilingual Education - Gipsi L. Sera 


What are Democratic Principles For? Paul Farber 


Revitalizing the Idea of Vocation in Teaching - David T. Hansen 


"What's in a Name?": Response to "Revitalizing the Idea of Vocation in Teaching" - Arthur Brown

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