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About This Journal

Philosophy of Education publishes a wide range of work that addresses philosophical questions about education, with philosophical and education both construed broadly.  This international peer-reviewed journal welcomes work in ethics, epistemology, politics, and aesthetics, including work in the overlapping domains of race and gender theory, pedagogy, and methodology.  Philosophy of Education is committed to the rigorous and vigorous exploration of questions about curriculum, pedagogy, school policy, higher education, and the school’s relationship with the larger society. 


The journal is produced in 4 issues per year, with a distinctively dialogical aspect.  Articles are paired with responses, which may support, challenge, and/or extend the ideas in the original article.  Philosophy of Education invites readers to consider these pairs as a set, and as a particularly philosophical mode of publication that treats ideas always as the prompt to further conversation.

Philosophy of Education has always been and will remain a fully Open Access journal. There are no fees or costs involved with publishing in the journal or accessing content. 

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